Dress Code

What should I wear?

In order to keep you safe on our courses, you have to show up dressed appropriately on the day!


SHOES: Closed-toe shoes - secure trainers with a good grip are highly recommended. No sliders, flip-flops, sandals or high heels, please.

CLOTHING: Comfortable, movable clothing. No skirts - shorts or trousers only. Long-sleeved shirts are recommended, but t-shirts are also acceptable.

GLOVES: Gloves are recommended if you're planning on doing the High Ropes or Zip Trekking. Please wear thin, protective ones, not thick winter gloves!

HAIR: Long hair must be tied up and secured.

JEWELLERY: Avoid jewellery where possible.

OTHER BELONGINGS: No loose items are allowed on any activity – strap it all in! Phones and other valuables should not be taken up on the course with you. We have a designated area where you can stow belongings while on the course.