Speed Slides

Let yourself go

Whizz down our two 50-metre long, 24-metre high-speed slides! Choose from a near-vertical drop slide or the slightly gentler swirly spiral slide...

These are definitely not your normal playground slides - both are fast, extreme, and thrilling! Slip into a "hessian sack" style protector to help you go as fast and smooth as possible - and down you go...

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Time duration

Up to ~20 mins

Maximum weight


Minimum height


Highest platform


Everything you need to know...



Age Limits & Supervising Adults

SUPERVISING ADULTS: Participants aged 7-14 require an adult to supervise them whilst on the activity.

1 adult can supervise up to 25 children on the Speed Slides.

This supervising adult does not require a ticket unless they also wish to participate.


The Dress Code

SHOES: Comfortable, moveable clothing, and closed-toe shoes - secure trainers with a good grip are highly recommended. No sliders, sandals or high heels, please!

CLOTHING: No skirts allowed: shorts or trousers only. T-shirts are acceptable.

HAIR: Long hair must be tied up and secured.

OTHER BELONGINGS: No loose items are allowed on any activity – strap it all in! Phones and other valuables should not be taken up on the course with you. Avoid jewellery where possible.


Abilities, Limitations & Safety 

Gripped is not suitable for non-ambulant guests. All guests must be able to walk unaided in order to experience the park. Otherwise, disabled guests must have a minimum of 1 helper and a maximum of 3 helpers with them.

All guests must attend the safety briefing for their activity, and follow Team Members' instructions at all times for their own safety.

What’s Involved in The Drop Slides?         

Grab a bag and climb to the top of the 20-meter-high tower. Choose between two super-speedy drop slides, or why not try them both? A team member on the platform will give you a safety briefing before you begin to climb inside your hessian sack and get ready to go to the entrance of the slide. When you see the signal, off you go! Experience the adrenaline-pumping drops and swirls that will leave you with the biggest smile with our drop slide.

Who Is It For?

The drop slides at our London adventure park are for anyone looking for a thrill. Choose from a steep drop slide to a spiral slide depending on your personal preference. Or why not have a go at both and see which is your favourite?

If you’re visiting as a couple, why not try out both slides at the same time and see who gets to the bottom first? Gripped is an ideal place whether you’re celebrating an occasion or just looking for a fun activity during your visit to London or nearby areas.

Drop Slides London

Enjoy the rush of speeding down our drop slides to reach the bottom of a 20m tower! It’s the perfect activity to add to your weekend itinerary in London.

Our fully trained staff are available with you every step of the way to ensure you feel comfortable and safe when taking part in the speed slides. If you’re a little nervous, don’t worry. Our staff members are there to provide you with words of encouragement if you need them!

Why Gripped?

Gripped is an outdoor activity park with more than just high ropes. We have a range of fun activities to suit everyone! Our incredible views, friendly staff and adrenaline-pumping activities make this a day out you won’t forget. 

Location & Travel

As we are based very close to the Surrey border, we are easily accessible from London, Middlesex, and Berkshire. Hounslow Heath is a great open space and the perfect location for outdoor activities near London.

If you’re travelling by train, the nearest stations are Hounslow and Feltham. If you’re travelling by tube, the nearest tube station is Hounslow Central on the Piccadilly line.

If you’re travelling by bus, the 117 and 235 all stop directly outside Gripped.

For those arriving by car, we have many car parking spaces available for £1 per hour. The first 30 minutes are free.

Safety Advice

Please ensure you listen carefully to all safety advice before taking part in each activity. We recommend all hair is tied back and that you wear appropriate clothing.

The safety advice is to ensure the safety of you and other guests.


Is It Safe?

Yes, the speed slides are very safe. Our trained staff members will advise you on the safest way to use the slides before you begin.

Are There People Who Can Help Me?

On each activity, we have fully trained staff members who will help you along. If you decide to back out, there is no problem. Our staff member will ensure you get back down to the ground in an alternative way.

Is It Scary?

After following the safety briefing, you will be confident that there is nothing to fear during the activity. However, we know it can be nerve-wracking to stand on the high tower, so our staff members will be there to encourage and reassure you.

Can I Turn Back?

Yes, if you don’t feel up to taking part in the speed slide after reaching the top, a team member will guide you to climb back down the platform.