Guests, please note: for your safety, there are age restrictions on all our activities. Under 15s will need a ticket-holding adult to participate with them on the Zip Trek and High Ropes, and a supervising adult present (no ticket needed) for the Speed Slides, Bag Jump and Power Fan.


1 ticket - infinite adventures!

You can book each of your activities individually, if you like - but Gripped passes are the best way to buy. They're great-value & all-inclusive, giving you full access to all of Gripped's incredible adrenaline activities!* And you don't even have to decide what you want to do in advance - just arrive on the day, ready to take on whichever activities your heart desires.

*The only exception is the Power Fan, which is not offered on the 3 hour pass. 

All you need to decide right now is whether you're looking for a half-day of fun on the 3 Hour Pass, or a full-on day out with the All Day Pass. 

  1. All Day (1)



    One ticket, six activities - from £45!

    • All-inclusive, all day

    • Choose from 6 adrenaline activities - high ropes, zip trek, speed slides, bag jump, net park & power fan

    • Time to do everything - more than once!

    • Over £100 of value from just £45

  2. Copy Of 3 Hour

    3 hours, up to five activities - from £30!

    • All-inclusive, half day

    • Choose from 5 adrenaline activities - high ropes, zip trek, speed slides, bag jumps & net park

    • Take on as many challenges as you can in 3 hours

    • From only £30

  3. Copy Of Copy Of 3 Hour

    Book activities individually

    ...or build your own day by booking your adrenaline activities separately.

    • Pick from 6 unique adrenaline activities - high ropes, zip trek, speed slides, bag jump, net park & power fan

    • Starting from £12 each

  4. Spectator

    Spectator Pass

    Spectators passes are free of charge when accompanying Gripped participants. However, spectators must book a free 'spectator pass' ticket here.

One ticket - six adventures!

Gripped has six unique adrenaline activities - you can book each individually, or you can get a 3 Hour or Full Day pass which will let you do any you like! Check it out...

  1. GRIPPED 52



    High Ropes

    Two aerial adventure courses, taking you through the woods and over the stream...

    Briefing: 15 minutes | Activity Time: 45 mins - 1.5 hours (per course)

  2. GRIPPED 71



    Zip Trek

    Climb up into the treetops for a 1km long dual-line zip trek across the heath!

    Briefing: 15 minutes | Activity Time: 30 mins - 1hr

  3. GRIPPED 90



    Bag Jumps

    aka. the ultimate leap of faith...?! Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

    Briefing: 10 minutes | Activity Time: ~20 minutes

  4. GRIPPED 03



    Speed Slides

    Two 50m speed slides; one swirly, one sheer vertical drop!

    Briefing: 5 minutes | Activity Time: ~10 minutes

  5. Platform From High 3



    Power Fan

    A heart-racing freefall into a high-powered fan descender...

    Briefing: 10 minutes | Activity Time: ~15 minutes

    [only available on Full Day Pass]

  6. Enter The Nets



    Net Park

    A multi-layered net and trampoline park - bouncy fun for all ages!

    Briefing: 5 minutes | Activity Time: ~20 minutes