Guests, please note: for your safety, there are age restrictions on all our activities. Under 15s will need a ticket-holding adult to participate with them on the Zip Trek and High Ropes, and a supervising adult present (no ticket needed) for the Speed Slides, Bag Jump and Power Fan.

Min height: 1.3m* | Max weight: 120kg

*1.3m minimum height required for speed slides and power fan. Zip line, Bag Jump & High ropes course minimum height is 1.4m 


1 ticket - infinite adventures!

You can book each of your activities individually - but our great-value Gripped passes, or our great-value Annual Memberships are the best way to buy.

Please note: If you are over 15 but under 18 you will need to have an adult present onsite over 18+

  1. All Day



    All Inclusive pass - from only £45!

    • All-inclusive - try everything!

    • Do all 6 adrenaline activities - two high ropes courses, zip trekking, speed slides, bag jump, net park & power fan

    • Over £100 of value from just £45

  2. Copy Of 3 Hour

    3 Activities - from £30!

    • Take on 3 incredible adventures - take your pick!

    • Choose from: high ropes, zip trek, speed slides, bag jumps & net park

    Please note: This pass does not include the Power Fan

    • From only £30

  3. All Inclusive

    3 ACTIVITIES FOR 1.3M – FROM £30

    • For the adrenaline junkies who want to have a taste of Gripped but aren’t quite 1.4m!

    • Take part in: speed slides, net park & power fan (not available on a normal 3 activity pass!)

    From only £30

  4. Copy Of Copy Of 3 Hour

    Book activities individually

    Build your own day by booking your adrenaline activities separately.

    • Pick from 6 unique adrenaline activities - high ropes, zip trek, speed slides, bag jump, net park & power fan

    • Starting from £12 each

  5. Gripped Membership



    Gripped Annual Membership

    A whole year of all-inclusive, unlimited fun

    • Visit any time, any day, whenever we're open

    • Only £99 per person!

    Find out more >>

  6. Spectator

    Spectator Pass

    Spectators passes are free of charge when accompanying Gripped participants. However, in order to be allowed entry to the park, spectators must book a free 'spectator pass' ticket here.

📷 Capture your experience with a souvenir video!

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One pass - six adventures!

Gripped has six unique adrenaline activities - you can book each individually, or you can get a great-value All Inclusive Pass or 3 Activity Pass! Check it out...

  1. GRIPPED 52



    High Ropes

    Two aerial adventure courses, taking you through the woods and over the stream...

    Briefing: 15 minutes | Activity Time: 45 mins - 1.5 hours (per course)

  2. GRIPPED 71



    Zip Trek

    Climb up into the treetops for a 1km long dual-line zip trek across the heath!

    Briefing: 15 minutes | Activity Time: 30 mins - 1hr

  3. GRIPPED 90



    Bag Jumps

    aka. the ultimate leap of faith...?! Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

    Briefing: 10 minutes | Activity Time: ~20 minutes

  4. GRIPPED 03



    Speed Slides

    Two 50m speed slides; one swirly, one sheer vertical drop!

    Briefing: 5 minutes | Activity Time: ~10 minutes

  5. Platform From High 3



    Power Fan

    A heart-racing freefall into a high-powered fan descender...

    Briefing: 10 minutes | Activity Time: ~15 minutes


    [not available on 3 Activity Pass]

  6. Enter The Nets



    Net Park

    A multi-layered net and trampoline park - bouncy fun for all ages!

    Briefing: 5 minutes | Activity Time: ~20 minutes