Acrophobia (Fear of Heights): What Is It & Can Gripped Help?

09 August 2022

Wanting to experience the joy and excitement of treetop activities but being scared of heights can be a difficult problem to solve. But what if you can put the two together to overcome your fear and come out the other end with increased confidence and an unforgettable experience?

What Exactly Is Acrophobia?

Acrophobia is an intense fear of situations that involve heights. It’s a type of disorder where the person may experience anxiety when faced with being above ground level. Some people fear being at the top of a tower whereas some people are triggered when standing on a stool.

If you struggle with acrophobia, you may find yourself avoiding attending work meetings if they are on high-level floors and certainly obstacle courses in the treetops…

If this sounds like you, just know you are not alone! According to a recent survey, heights are the UK’s number one fear with around 27% of the population suffering from acrophobia in some way.

Does Facing Your Fears Actually Help?

Sitting at home and ignoring your fear won’t make it go away. As cliché as it sounds, facing your fears is a true remedy for banishing any irrational fears, and we have helped many people overcome their fear of heights over the years!

The butterflies in your stomach that show you you’re scared are the same butterflies that give you excitement. Turn the adrenaline rushing through your body to excitement and embrace it!

Can I Still Come to Gripped With Acrophobia?

Yes! Facing your fears with Gripped is a great way to overcome them. Our instructors are here to give you the confidence and support you need to make your way through the activities. Our high-quality equipment and rigorous safety procedures will help you to feel more comfortable experiencing the activities.

We’re not saying jump in at the deep end and complete the whole course, but gradual exposure to heights can help desensitise you to the trigger. Try out the Net Adventure Park for some safe and secure aerial bouncing before moving onto the High Ropes course. And if you’re feeling really confident, why not experience the ultimate rush with the Power Fan Descender?