What is The Most Extreme Activity at Gripped?

13 October 2022

At Gripped, we have a range of fun and thrilling activities for everyone to enjoy. However, we know not everyone has the same adrenaline-pumping preferences! That’s why we’ve pulled together a guide to the most extreme and least extreme activities at our adventure park.

High Extremity Activities

For those who love to get their blood pumping and their hearts racing through daring activities, these highly extreme activities are perfect.

Zip Line Trekking

Our zip lines are wired for speed and give you an adrenaline rush like no other. Zip through the trees into the green valley side by side with your friend or partner and take in the beautiful views. Make your way along the 1km zipline trail with varying degrees of angles and speed for the ultimate extreme rush!

Power Fan Descender

Experience the ultimate rush with our power fan descender which gives you a base-jumping thrill without the parachute! This extreme activity involves stepping off a 24-meter tower whilst attached to a power fan descender which uses your body weight to land you softly on the ground. The perfect extreme activity for any adrenaline junkie!

Bag Jump

Enjoy the ultimate leap of faith by jumping from varying heights onto giant inflatable bags for a heart-racing extreme activity. Only the bravest of the brave can handle free-falling with no harness, gear or safety nets!

Speed Slides

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, speed slides are the perfect activity! Whizz down 50-meter-long slides that are an incredible 20 meters high for a more extreme take on your usual playground slides. This is an activity not to be missed!

Low Extremity Activities

For those who are along for the ride and want to take part in some less extreme activities, don’t worry, we have you covered!

High Ropes

Although the ropes are high in the sky, there is no jumping, falling or flying involved! These are perfect for thrill seekers who aren’t interested in super extreme activities but want to feel a rush.

Net Adventure Park

This is the perfect adventure for everyone! Younger and older thrill-seekers can enjoy bouncing, tumbling and scrambling around in our treetop nets. Not to mention, you get to enjoy a spectacular view of Gripped and Hobbledown Heath!