How to Prepare Your Team for a Group Day

05 September 2022

Team days out are great fun, and the perfect chance for everyone to bond outside of the office. Taking part in outdoor activities can help your team build relationships, skills, and even confidence - as well as allow even the grumpiest colleague to let their hair down! Here’s how to prepare your team for a super fun group day...

How to Plan a Kids Party at Gripped

30 August 2022

Throwing a party at Gripped should be at the top of every child’s bucket list! It’s unique, and super thrilling. Here are our top tips on planning your kid’s party at Gripped...

How Fear Can Be Good for You

23 August 2022

Science has shown that feeling fear (in the right dose) has many benefits. Fear-inducing activities can be super fun, whilst also having positive effects on your health and wellbeing. Here are some reasons why the right amount of fear can be good for you...

Enjoy Gripped in All Weathers

16 August 2022

The UK is known for its unpredictable weather, but at Gripped, we believe there's no such thing as bad weather when you've got good planning on your side! Here's how you can enjoy your day with us, whatever the weather.

What To Wear For Gripped In The Autumn?

09 August 2022

By Autumn, the weather is cooling off, and it can get a little drizzly from time to time. This can make it a nightmare trying to plan an outfit! To help you prepare, we’ve pulled together our top tips on what to wear at Gripped in Autumn.

Acrophobia (Fear of Heights): What Is It & Can Gripped Help?

09 August 2022

Feel like you're WAY too afraid of heights to ever even think about heading up into the treetops for a session of zipping, climbing or freefalling? Well, some say the best way to face your fears is directly - and at Gripped, we see plenty of people overcoming their fear of heights, and coming out the other end with increased confidence and an unforgettable experience...